Can you believe that in modern Western Cultures, postpartum practices beyond the first few days following birth don't exist!? Outdated social norms have many mothers feeling an overwhelming pressure to “bounce back” quickly and adapt to motherhood like it’s a walk in the park - all without any additional organised support.

We are seeing many mothers feeling overwhelmed and chronically fatigued postpartum and mama’s are far too often reassured that this is a completely normal part of motherhood. Feeling depleted postpartum may be common, however it is certainly not normal!

Our co-founders Shannon and Alana have identified these gaps within postpartum care that is currently offered to women in their fourth trimester. Mothers Mylk was evolved from their passion to NOURISH, EDUCATE & SUPPORT women on their motherhood journey.


Hi, I’m Shannon. I am a Mum of two boys, a wife and a Postpartum Doula. My personal experience with postpartum depletion depression is how Mothers Mylk was created. I am passionate about sharing my story in hope to empower women to self educate and take control of their own health, especially in the postpartum period!

My postpartum journey after the birth of my first son was no way how I imagined it would be or how any new mother should experience their fourth trimester. It’s hard to put into words exactly how I was feeling however depleted, overwhelmed, chronically fatigued, lonely, irritable and unable to relax are a few words to describe it. My postpartum care involved nothing more than a short 10 minute appointment with a GP where I was assured that the symptoms I was experiencing were all “normal” because “I had just had a baby”. Even though I didn't feel quite right I put on a brave face and got on with it. Fast forward a few months and I hadn’t enjoyed one minute of being a mother. I was exhausted!

I was barely coping and eventually ended up in hospital where I was finally able to receive some answers - I had a dangerously high thyroid level along with low iron and Vitamin D, which were all contributing to my outrages moods, postpartum rage and inability to cope with the smallest of tasks. With the right help from a team of professionals (including our company Naturopath, Alana) I was able to get on top of my symptoms and feel good again.

Whilst not normal, my story is certainly not uncommon. It is my hope that by sharing my story and my lessons I can help just one new Mum so they can enjoy what is supposed to be the happiest time of your life.


Hello, I’m Alana. I am a degree qualified naturopath who specialises in women’s health. For those who are new to the term, Naturopathy is a model of natural medicine taking a holistic look at health. My clinical experience has shown me that many women do not have the support they need throughout their pregnancy to set them up to thrive after the birth of their little ones. Additionally I see all too often postpartum care predominantly focusing solely on the baby whilst the new mothers health needs are brushed over.

In clinic I support many women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period to ensure they are meeting the nutrition requirements that they need to nourish their bodies in simple and effective ways. In the lead up to birth I use simple pathology testing to identify certain foods and nutrients that will be required and set up a respective post birth plan for the new mum. I have found that when my clients follow their post birth plan there are much lower incidences of postpartum depletion and an easier transition into motherhood occurs.

Through Mothers Mylk I am able to combine my passion for cooking and postpartum health into one! My mission is to share all of the knowledge that I have from my degree, clinical experience and personal experience with all mothers and mothers to be, and ensure they have easy access to the support that they deserve postpartum.

I gave birth to my first baby in August 2021 and can confidently say that putting a postpartum care plan into place has helped my physical, emotional and mental recovery as well as the transition into motherhood. I can see how easy it is to get caught up caring for our little ones and forget about caring for ourselves. First and foremost preparation is always key when it comes to looking after our health!