The “Can Do’s” of the first 6wks postnatal

Written by Annika Coyne - Women's Health Exercise Physiologist at Pear Exercise Physiology

We often hear in the first 6 weeks after having your baby to “sleep when the baby sleeps” & “do nothing other than lift the weight of your baby”! But as new Mum - that advice is near impossible to follow, and to combat some of the aches and pains of motherhood (nursing and feeding postural fatigue is a big one here!) is difficult to do without some movement.

It’s important to note that your body is still in the ‘acute’ phase of healing after delivery, but we also know that specific pelvic floor and abdominal exercises can help aid recovery in the first 6 weeks.

So, if you’re a brand new mum, or having your 2nd or 3rd (or 4th!), I’m about to change how you approach the first 6 weeks of motherhood. These exercises will get you feeling less stiff, reduce those aches, and safely start to introduce some core rehab.

That means, when it comes time for your 6 week check up and clearance to return to exercise, you’ve already done the ground work and are feeling stronger and more able, to get back to the activity you love!

Although these exercises are safe and re-introduce the principles of core stability, everyone’s pregnancy and postnatal journey is individualised and it’s important (for your own body and pelvic health) to seek professional guidance when returning to activity.

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