Empowered Motherhood Guarantee

Hi Mama. We assume you're here because you want to know more about our guarantees. Welcome! Depending on your situation, you may qualify for our Empowered Motherhood Guarantee. If you’re ever unsatisfied with any consultation you receive at Mothers Clinic, you simply don’t pay anything for it!



  1. The Empowered Motherhood Guarantee applies to all Mothers Mylk Memberships and Mothers Clinic practitioner appointments.
  1. You sign up to a Mothers Mylk Membership and pay in full according to your chosen membership level throughout the minimum term.
  1. You must be a genuine customer and have no affiliation or association with a direct or indirect competitor of Mothers Mylk or in any way be involved with a comparable direct or indirect competitor.
  1. You must give us the opportunity to make things right before a refund can be considered - that means you must be cooperative with open discussion about your concerns with either your practitioner or a member of our support team to find a satisfactory resolution.
  1. In summary, if we don't empower your motherhood journey in some way, shape or form during the minimum term of your membership, we will refund what you paid us for the entire minimum term.


We are so passionate about our mission to empower mothers, and we are excited to offer this guarantee to our clients. We ask for mutual respect and fairness and that you please understand the following:


  1. This guarantee is for new clients who sign up to a Mothers Mylk Membership after 1 April 2024.
  1. The Empowered Motherhood Guarantee includes tangible improvements in your maternal health, wellbeing, and empowerment, such as improved mental health, better physical health, enhanced support network, and increased confidence in your motherhood journey. The guarantee does not cover subjective dissatisfaction based solely on personal preferences or subjective opinions without tangible evidence of the services not meeting your defined standards or outcome.
  1. We will confirm your eligibility for the Empowered Motherhood Guarantee by email once we have had the opportunity to speak with you and make things right.
  1. You need to pay your membership fees on time, without failed direct debit attempts.
  1. The money you pay for any tests or prescribed supplements is not eligible for a refund.
  1. If you are aware of an issue or circumstance that would impact our ability to fulfill our obligations under this guarantee, such as situations where external factors beyond our control may affect the outcome of the services provided and you don't disclose that to us at the time you sign up with us, the guarantee is void.
  1. The guarantee does not cover circumstances outside the scope of our services or unforeseen events that are beyond our control. It also does not apply to situations where external factors may impact the outcome of the services provided. This includes, but not limited to, natural disasters, political unrest, or personal circumstances beyond our control that significantly affect the ability to deliver the intended services. These situations are considered outside the scope of our guarantee.
  1. You need to provide constructive feedback and suggestions to help us improve our services and enhance the motherhood experience for all our clients. You can submit feedback in writing to us through email (hello@mothersmylk.co) or by mail (Mothers Mylk, ℅ The Wharf Mooloolaba, Salty Spaces, 123 Parklyn Parade, Mooloolaba QLD 4557 Australia.
  1. You can't otherwise breach the terms and conditions.
  1. These terms and conditions are final.

We will do the right thing, and you need to do the right thing too. The aim is to support you on your motherhood journey so that you can feel empowered, happy and healthy, not for you to game the system to get free services or insight into our business.