Pregnancy Nutrition Pack

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Embark on your pregnancy journey with everything we wish we knew when we were first time Mums!

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confidence as you navigate this special time with the support of expert insights and practical strategies.

This guide is designed to nourish, educate and support you through every stage of your pregnancy journey. Learn what they don't teach you in the hospitals about supporting your health through pregnancy and preventing conditions like postpartum depletion.

It's an easy to follow step-by-step guide that grows with your needs throughout each trimester of your journey, no matter what unfolds. Access affordable naturopath support, educational videos, downloads, e-books and exclusive entry to our Pregnancy-Friendly Recipe Hub.



✓ Bite-sized self-paced lessons with Naturopath Alana
✓ Understand what to look for in a prenatal with our Prenatal Supplement Comparison Chart
✓ Tips to ease morning sickness & improve energy levels
✓ Access to our Pregnancy Safe Recipe Library
✓ Understand your nutritional deficiencies with our Blood Test Cheat Sheet
✓ 'Easy to stomach' yet nutrient-packed meals for each trimester
✓ Improve your iron status to prepare for birth
✓ Folate supplementation guide
✓ Learn about the nutrients in high demand during pregnancy and prevent postpartum depletion
✓ Gestational Diabetes support including supplementation & nutritional advice
✓ How to prepare for birth and postpartum
✓ Includes access to our mini-courses: Support for Gestational Diabetes, Food Safety in Pregnancy & Pregnancy Nutrients, Supplements & Blood Testing.
✓ Downloadable tip sheets, handouts and e-books
✓ + Loads more


This guide is the equivalent of 9 months worth of Naturopath consultations to support you through each stage of your pregnancy.

This guide is perfect for you if:
✓ You want instant access to Naturopath guidance at home

✓ You’re unsure where to start with what you CAN and CAN’T eat through pregnancy.
✓ You want to nourish your body to prepare for postpartum and avoid postpartum depletion.
✓ You want access to naturopathic support throughout each stage of your pregnancy.
✓ You’re hoping for a more positive postpartum journey the second (or third!) time around.
✓ You’re confused about the many pregnancy supplements on the market.
✓ You want to understand what blood tests you should be requesting and how to ensure your results are at their optimal level.
✓ You want to feel your best going into motherhood and set yourself up for a thriving postpartum journey.

✓ You want to join a community of likeminded Mum's on their motherhood journey.


Hello & Welcome
✓ Meet your Naturopath

The First Trimester
✓ Managing Morning Sickness
✓ Food Safety
✓ Caffeine Consumption
✓ Improving Energy Levels
✓ Introduction to Nutrients, Blood Testing & Supplements
✓ Key Nutrients: Folate
✓ Key Nutrients: B12
✓ Key Nutrients: Choline
✓ Key Nutrients: Omega-3 Fatty Acids
✓ Key Nutrients: Iodine
✓ Key Nutrients: Iron
✓ Key Nutrients: Vitamin D
✓ Key Nutrients: Zinc
✓ Preeclampsia & Gestational Hypertension
✓ Preventing Constipation

The Second Trimester
✓ Welcome to the Second Trimester
✓ Iron Deficiency
✓ Managing Reflux
✓ How To Make Balanced Meals
✓ Infections
✓ GDM Part 1 - Introduction to Gestational Diabetes
✓ GDM Part 2 - Management
✓ GDM Part 3 - Supplements
✓ GDM Part 4 - Understanding What To Eat

The Third Trimester

Welcome to the Third Trimester
Labour Prep: Consuming Dates
Labour Prep: Raspberry Leaf Tea
Sleep Support
Preparing for the Fourth Trimester

Advanced Video Modules

MTHFR polymorphism


✓ This guide is designed by Alana (BHSc Naturopath & Mama) and Shannon (Postpartum Doula & Mama).


Are the recipes suitable for a Gluten-Free, Vegan or Vegetarian diet?

What are the recipe categories that are included in the course?
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Snacks & Treats, Smoothies & Drinks, Sauces & Condiments, Fatigue Fighter, Morning Sickness Support and Labour Prep.


The information contained in this guide complies with Australian health regulations only. Mothers Mylk takes no responsibility for the accuracy or legal compliance of the information in other countries. This guide involves various nutrition advice for pregnancy - we help you via video modules that, explain dietary requirements, health conditions during pregnancy, supplement recommendations, blood tests to ask for and other nutritional or naturopathic treatments for common pregnancy health concerns. The Materials provided within the guide are not a substitute for independent professional health advice.

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Meet Naturopath Alana

Hello, I’m Alana. I am a degree qualified naturopath who specialises in women’s health. For those who are new to the term, Naturopathy is a model of natural medicine taking a holistic approach to your health. My clinical experience has shown me that many women do not have the support they need throughout their pregnancy or postpartum.

In clinic, I support many women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period to ensure they are meeting the nutrition requirements they need to nourish their bodies in simple and effective ways. In the lead up to birth I use simple pathology testing to identify certain foods and nutrients that will be required and set up a respective post birth plan for the new mum. I have found that when my clients follow their post birth plan there are much lower incidences of postpartum depletion and an easier transition into motherhood occurs.

My mission is to share all of the knowledge that I have from my degree, clinical experience and personal experience with all mothers and mothers-to-be, and ensure they have easy access to the support that they deserve.