Choosing a high chair - High chair picks from a Paediatric Nutritionist!

Written by Mothers Mylk Clinic
Paediatric Nutritionist, Chrissy Smith

A common question we get asked is what to look out for in a high chair. There are some key reasons why it's pretty important.  

Promotes Proper Posture:

Research indicates that high chairs with adjustable features, such as seat height and footrest, play a crucial role in supporting our baby's posture development. By providing a stable and ergonomic seating position, they aid in strengthening core muscles and maintaining healthy spinal alignment.

Encourages Independence:

As our little ones venture into the world of solid foods, high chairs become invaluable in fostering independent feeding skills. Being at eye level with caregivers encourages self-feeding and promotes a sense of autonomy, laying the foundation for healthy eating habits.

Establishes routine:

High chairs help establish a consistent mealtime routine, allowing your baby to associate a specific space with eating. This routine contributes to healthy eating habits and builds a sense of structure.

We also want to make sure that your baby is secure and stable. The seat should adequately support their back and prevent any slouching or sliding. Their feet should be placed firmly on a footrest or flat on the floor if applicable. Is a footrest necessary? We think so! A footrest reduces strain on their hips, provides a stable base which may prevent them from squirming and reduce the risk of accidents, aids in coordination, and finally, with their feet supported, they can better concentrate on exploring and enjoying their meal.

When considering high chairs, look for a chair that can adapt to your child's changing needs, a chair with materials easy to clean or removable components, and proper safety harnesses. Here's some of our picks:

  1. Kmart or Ikea High Chair Affordable and practical. Plus, it pairs perfectly with the Nibble and Rest cushion and footrest for added comfort and support.
  2. Mocka Original High Chair
  3. Stokke Tripp Trapp

If you would like even more tips for your starting solids journey, book a free chat with me at the Mothers Mylk Clinic.

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