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The Postpartum Survival Guide that every new mum needs!

You’re all prepared for baby, but what about you, Mama? More than just a book, it’s your essential toolkit for navigating the fourth trimester and setting yourself up for a positive postpartum journey. Nourished Postpartum goes beyond baby prep, empowering you to prioritise your health and feel confident in the transition to motherhood. Created by a Naturopath and Postpartum Doula, join the movement that’s redefining postpartum care and making waves in the perinatal space.


✓ Empowering education about what to expect in the fourth trimester.

✓ Learn about your post-birth hormones and how to use food as medicine to treat common postpartum concerns.

✓ 60+ nourishing, no-fuss naturopath designed recipes.

✓ One-handed snacks, freezer favourites and warming meals loaded with nourishment for the week post-birth.

✓ QR codes taking you to exclusive web pages with even more education and tools.

✓ Essential Postpartum checklist to help you prepare for newborn life.

✓ Recipe categories include: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Colic Baby Friendly.

+ more!


Motherhood is challenging on the best of days, however motherhood whilst chronically fatigued is a recipe for disaster!

The founders of Mothers Mylk shed light on the seriously neglected 'fourth trimester' in their educational and deliciously styled cookbook.

Enter motherhood empowered with the knowledge and tools to support your postpartum health. Learn the basics of nutrition, how to use food as medicine to treat common postpartum concerns (bye-bye baby brain!), find out what to expect from your hormones post-birth, and discover what postpartum is like in different cultures around the world.

Enjoy 60 nourishing, no-fuss naturopath designed recipes, including plenty of one-handed snacks, freezer favourites and warming foods, loaded with nourishment for the week post-birth. All recipes are designed with time in mind for busy mamas and aid to promote postpartum healing.

Nourished Postpartum will be your fourth trimester survival guide!


✓ Self-published by Mothers Mylk™

✓ First Edition, 2022 (Australia & New Zealand)

✓ ISBN 978-0-646-84969-0

✓ Printed in Australia


What if I am no longer in the fourth trimester?

The information within the book is suitable for any stage of your postpartum journey!

We have designed Nourished Postpartum to encourage pregnant mama's to plan ahead for the sometimes difficult fourth trimester to help make the transition into motherhood just that bit easier. However, the recipes and information included are applicable to any stage of your motherhood journey.

I'm Gluten-Free, are the recipes suitable?

Absolutely! 53 of the 63 recipes included are Gluten-Free or provide a Gluten-Free Option.

I'm vegan, are the recipes suitable?

Yes! We have accommodated for most dietry requirements including those who are Vegan. 34 of the 63 recipes included are Vegan or provide a Vegan Option.

I'm vegetarian, are the recipes suitable?

Definitely! 53 of the 63 recipes included are Vegetarian or provide a Vegetarian Option.


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The information contained in this book complies with Australian health regulations only. The authors have made every effort to ensure that the information provided in this book complies with the Australian health regulations. The authors take no responsibility for the accuracy or legal compliance of the information in other countries. Products referred to in this book may not be available in other countries outside of Australia.

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Designed & Printed
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"Having this book handy, was game-changing!" - Jayde H

"My number one Mama's life hack" - Maryanne

"From a midwife of 15+ years, thank you!" - Emma W

"My absolute favourite cookbook" - Laura C

"Beautiful recipes inside"- Ash P

"The perfect baby shower gift" - Sophie P

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Why Mamas love our book!

The Nourished Postpartum book is proud to be Australian owned and made.

The Nourished Postpartum book is self published by Mothers Mylk and is 100% Australian owned, designed and printed on the Sunshine Coast.

Choosing to support small business and produce our books locally within Australia is incredibly important to us and we thank you for your support.

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